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Localization is a part of our business that has grown rapidly during the years. WordTech International currently offers a wide array of localization services in all major languages to our clients worldwide.


WordTech International delivers professional language services, including translations for all types of documents in all formats, to all lengths, and in all languages.

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The Desktop Publishing (DTP) team at WordTech International can help you organize your pages, documents, and images in a standard format before publication.

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WordTech International has done extensive work to develop its Voiceover and Media Production services in order to offer a complete package of translation and localization services to clients across a wide range of languages.

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Under the sweeping economic globalization, the internationalization and localization are advancing irresistibly. For any enterprise, the purpose of exporting is not only the output of brand image, but also the process of exporting national culture to the whole world. However, the breakthrough of language barriers has become the basis for close ties between countries, regions and people for the organization of international conferences to the localization of domestic products for exporting. When language difference becomes a barrier to modern social economy and cultural exchange, it is imperative to break the barrier of cultural, historical and linguistic differences...Read More


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