Globalization Requires Foreign Legal Services, and WordTech Assists International Brand-Building

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  • Pubdate:2019-09-23 10:17

Economic exchange and multi-trade among countries have become more frequent as globalization has progressed. Thus, more and more enterprises, encouraged by the "going out" strategy and the Belt and Road Initiative, are eager to explore potential overseas markets and create new sources of economic growth. The increasing volumes of foreign-related business come with complicated international affairs and plenty of cross-border legal disputes. So, it's particularly important for enterprises to resolve these disputes from an international perspective.

Despite the fact that domestic enterprises urgently require foreign-related legal services, with law firms as legal service agencies playing an important role in the field of cross-border disputes and dispute resolution, the internationalization of China's law firms is still in its infancy. Therefore, improving the international influence of China's legal services is inseparable from the process of integration into the international legal-services market and the combined resources of multiple parties.

Given the development of the social economy and the rapid changes in the market environment, enterprises pay more attention to the service quality and efficiency in their development processes. Apparently, however, the loose strategic partnership model employed by enterprises and traditional law firms is unable to meet the requirements of new markets. Meanwhile, the continuing trend of economic globalization will bring about the globalization of legal services. In response to that trend, WordTech International has established more than 20 offices around the world to help enterprises avoid violations of laws and regulations due to a lack of familiarity with local legal systems as well as to provide quality services for the translation of legal documents.

WordTech International has, during the course of its development, established strong, long-term cooperative relationships with more than 1,000 law firms, notary offices and other judicial institutions in China. For example, the notarization documents translated by our company are valid in more than 100 countries. We have more than 200 full-time translators, 100 million+ translated sentences retrievable in our legal professional database, and more than four years’ experience in the application of translation platforms based on artificial intelligence (AI). Our high-quality services are widely recognized by our clients and cooperating enterprises.

Additionally, WordTech International safeguards and anonymizes any sensitive data and information that may be included in documents we translate so as to eliminate any security risks from the source. We also ensure that no leakage occurs in other environments and achieving reliable protection of such private data. WordTech International maintains constant professionalism as it integrates domestic and foreign resources to assist with expansion and brand-building for China's legal services so they can move forward safely and steadily on the path of internationalization.

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