WordTech International Providing Autodesk with Software Localization Service and Seeking Mutual Development

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  • Pubdate:2019-09-02 10:20

The complex overseas environment and the gaps in history, culture, taboos and language that separate nations are always invisible barriers. They are the major challenges confronted by numerous enterprises, and some consider them impossible to overcome. In the context of global sprawl, exchange and blending drive the progress of software technology. As a result, many software-oriented enterprises choose to go global for more market shares. However, if certain software going overseas offends the local culture, it will fail in its attempt at market entry. Therefore, software localization plays a significant role in the fulfillment of such ambitions.
Video technology offers a competitive advance in regard to localization, whereas a given text can carry only a limited amount of information. Whether the content can be understood after it is read depends on how good the author is at using words and how well the user comprehends it. Contrastingly, video delivers information directly, making the abstract more dimensional and vivid. The user can spend less time trying to understand it.
The Localization Department of WordTech International was engaged to support the localization program for Autodesk's Revit software series. Our team handled instructional videos, a task that encompassed the recording of operational processes, audio synchronization and subtitling in more than ten languages, including German, Czech and Portuguese. Based on the original video, the team recorded the operation videos in multiple languages, synchronized the edited subtitles and seamlessly dubbed the texts in the respective languages. The results were then embedded in the videos. Similar processes may be applied by other teams, but as always, success is determined by attention to detail. Our team has the patience and professionalism needed to sync subtitles and voices with videos and perfectly align all the steps in recording.
Additionally, users’ core demands are essential for international software development. The less restrictive the access is, the larger the user population will be. Because the demands for software are diverse in countries and regions with different cultural backgrounds and market characteristics, software production should be localized. It should display a solid grasp of the culture, economy, society and ideology of target markets and users. With users’ needs in mind, the enterprises can capture robust market share.
WordTech International has, since its establishment, concentrated on providing services and solutions for enterprises engaged in IT, life sciences, law, finance, multimedia production and many other fields. Our premium and customized localization services include audio processing, video processing, subtitle translation and embedding, development of mobile Internet software, localized translation, multilingual graphic design and typesetting. We devote ourselves to the elimination of language barriers and the expansion of our customers’ global presence.


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