Wanda and WordTech International: Bringing-in and Going-global

  • Writer:WordTech
  • Pubdate:2019-08-19 15:33

Under the impetus of globalization, the exchange and integration of different cultures, as well as the frequent economic exchanges between countries, bring in diversification of market demand. When the traditional industries are no longer able to adapt to the rapid changes in the market, it is imperative to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. As a new economic growth point in the international market, in terms of games or cultural trips, online writing or pan-entertainment, China is accelerating the pace of enterprises of exporting culture overseas under the advocacy of "going global" policy.

Nowadays, the Internet is penetrating into every inch of the world network system, and transforming the world in an unprecedented manner. This is what the traditional industries face alongside the emerging industries, and merely through innovation, transformation and “going global” can they deal with the increasingly fierce competition more calmly. Moreover, “bringing in” of overseas cultures at the same time is of great significance, given to the differences of the economic, historical and cultural situation between countries.

In the decades of China's reform and opening up, countless enterprises have gone overseas to compete with international giants. As one of them, Wanda gets rid of the traditional real estate industry after decades of development, gradually opens a diversified development mode because of the profound Chinese cultural heritage, and makes itself an international conglomerate of commerce, culture, real estate, and finance, to name a few. The transformation not only improves Wanda’s own strength effectively, but also promotes globalization and internationalization.

Thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative and the "going global" policy, the world is exposed to a no-longer-stereotyped and multi-faceted China. With the rise of pan-entertainment, people can learn about the civilization of other countries through games, music, movies, TV series among many other ways. Deeply-rooted in the international community, Wanda has its edge on it. In order to enhance the understanding of Wanda's internal staff on history and civilization of other countries, Wanda and WordTech International have reached an agreement on cooperation of video localization and related post-production.

Because of the complexity and variety of videos, and the multitude of translation, WordTech International quickly mobilized and allocated resources to form a professional translation team in no time. As the video came without caption, post-production like embedding subtitles and timeline segmentation was needed besides verbal translation. With a strong local accent, some dubbing made listening and translating even harder. Fortunately, with the full cooperation of the translation team, the final delivery was a precise translation.

WordTech International is committed to introducing Chinese enterprises and excellent culture to the outside world, breaking through the barriers of cultural differences, and showing the world a more comprehensive China. WordTech International remains professional and provides multilingual and multi-cultural service to companies in the areas of information technology, life sciences, law, finance and multimedia production.


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