WordTech International Participated in the Digital Transformation Conference of Language Service Enterprises

  • Writer:WordTech
  • Pubdate:2019-09-06 15:30

On September 5th, WordTech International was invited to participate in the digital transformation conference of language service enterprises (Nanjing Station) and listened to the wonderful speeches.
When it comes to enterprise digitalization, this is no longer a strange concept. Since the beginning of the era of big data, countless daily life data has become a variety of information stored in a huge database. Many of our behaviors are thus predicted by various algorithms. The company's work data is the same as our daily life data. The content of many work files can also be changed digitally to make the work faster and easier to manage.
WordTech International will also involve some digital content in the process of providing one-stop language service. Digitalization will provide certain guarantees for our work efficiency and quality. We will inevitably strengthen the use of digital management tools and bring our service standards to the next level.


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