Precise, Accurate Translation: A Basic Requirement in Localization

  • Writer:WordTech
  • Pubdate:2019-09-25 15:27

The word "localization" refers to an organizational change process for an enterprise during the internationalization process, which organizes the production and sales processes, etc., to meet the specific needs of different countries and language markets and thereby enhance the enterprise's competitiveness and limit costs. Therefore, "localization" has a broad context of understanding, which means different things in different regions and environments.
Consequently, during the adaptation process to the target markets' local culture and region, localization widely includes the following aspects: translation, design/user experience, conformity to local laws, legends, market analysis, slang and convention, history and culture, etc. However, the diversity of localization also means that the enterprises must limit localization to an extent when developing overseas markets. "Too much localization may lead to cost inflation. Too much standardization may lead to a halt, resulting in a decline in the company's market share and profits."
Thus, no matter how many localization resources the "outgoing" enterprise has as the means to develop overseas markets, translation that's precise and accurate remains a basic requirement with respect to its texts. All communication made through its websites and products must be transformed into text that's appropriate to and understandable in the target market. Moreover, each market has its own particularities, so additional localization information must be added to the translation for it to merge into the culture and social environment of the target market.
A localization team should do more than simply provide solutions. It should also have excellent linguist resources and capabilities. WordTech International, a leading globalization solution provider, provides quality multi-language products for enterprises all over the world in diverse industry sectors such as information technology, life sciences, law, finance and multimedia production.
Previously, WordTech proactively responded to the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, whereupon it earned a CCTV provider qualification to translate excellent Chinese films and television works into multiple languages so as to promote them to the countries alongside the Belt and Road. The accuracy in translation, high voice-over quality and professional post-processing were favorably received by CCTV and the respective audiences.

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